Mini Retreat

Saturday 14th May
Alchemise Yoga Studio
(and surrounding outdoor spaces)


Spring is coming (honestly!)

And with this in mind, a day to retreat from our daily world can be just the tonic we need to regain much needed clarity, focus, perspective, excitement and joy as the seasons begin to change.

It is so easy to lose the momentum and good intentions set at the start of the year and fall back into old patterns, behaviours and mindsets (or maybe you didn't actually get round to New Year intention setting as you were just too busy/tired)... BUT this doesn't have to be the way it is. You can choose to prioritise yourself and your overall well-being so that you can be a light in your own life and for those around you.

Find your Sparkle

What will the day involve?

This is a day to lift you up! Reminders and practices to ignite your love for your life. We will move through some breathing practices as well as interesting journaling and intention setting. We will also use yoga poses to not only energise, but also recharge and reset our bodies during this transitional time of year so it feels rested yet awake! You will be introduced to yoga sleep (yes, sleep!) and how to incorporate it into your life and there will be a delicious warming and healthy lunch and all the cups of tea! Plus, you will feel a sense of belonging within a community of truly wonderful people.

Is this DAY for me?

Quite simply, YES it is! With a wealth of knowledge and experience in my own toolkit when it comes to yoga, mindfulness and well-being that I would LOVE to share with you.


How much do I invest in my well-being?
Early Bird £49