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Busy Working Mum of one, using yoga to ease anxiety

“I love Kelly's yoga sessions for so many reasons. As an anxiety sufferer, yoga helps me to calm my busy mind, to stretch my tense muscles and to feel happier and more in touch with myself. When I am in a yoga session I feel safe to smile, to cry, to be how I truly feel and know I will not be judged. I love the peace I get from yoga and the way I can build the movements into my everyday life. Yoga helps me to cope with the tricky times and helps me to connect to the here and now. Of course I am wobbly, there are poses I find hard, but I enjoy the challenge and surprising myself when it turns out that I can actually do it! Yoga enables to me to be a kinder and gentler person. I feel like yoga came into my life when I needed it the most and I am a stronger person for it.”

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Busy human struggling to find balance

“I do yoga classes because they give me an hour of me time where everything else pauses and it's just about breathing, stretching and noticing how your body feels. There is no pressure to be perfect and no comparing yourself to anyone. The classes make me warm inside, I have an amazing total body workout without the pain, but smiles and the occasional giggle at myself. If I am hurting physically yoga takes my mind off it. I return home calm, relaxed and sleep better. Life is so much better with Kelly's classes.”



Full-time working Mum of 2

‘Hi, I’m Sharon , I’m a 45 year old busy working Mum and I love my Tuesday yoga class with Kelly. I feel Yoga truly frees the mind of the constant noise life throws at us every day together with my ever growing confidence in my own body strength in the poses I’m learning. My daughter and I attend together and always leave feeling happy and calm. Kelly has this super knack of making you believe in yourself and the ability to adopt any pose she shows you. Yoga is a must for all in this ever changing, busy world to take time and reflect even if for only  brief moments in the day’

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