This month we are falling for... ourselves!

It can be a very challenging thing to do but we can start small and make tiny steps towards feeling better about ourselves, connecting to our bodies and minds and really taking full on care of ourselves.

Falling in love with... our FEET

Once upon a time, I worked as a stewardess on a super yacht (not the glamourous image that comes to mind I assure you) and I was barefoot most of the time. Now, this is my dream of a way to spend my life - barefoot in the sunshine looking at the sea whenever I liked - but my feet took a battering! We all had pedicures whenever we were docked without guests (including a jungle in Costa Rica and the quietest of islands in the Bahamas). I prioritised my feet with massages and making them look and feel pretty because it always lifted me up. Maybe we don't need to see something like a pedicure as a reward or a treat. Instead we can create a regular habit of taking care of our extraordinary feet that literally carry us through our life, minus the expense, by doing it for ourselves.


1. Listen to Sam of Aurora Star therapies give some reflexology tips

2. Gather up a few foot care essentials

3. Just try it!