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May 2020 - be:simple

Keep things simple, especially when you're in the early stages of forming daily habits.

Otherwise you'll do great for a week or so and then the novelty will have worn off and your will and motivation to do the action will start to drop (aka plummet into oblivion!)

Short, simple, realistic and easy mindfulness mediations rather than epic efforts reserved for those scenes from Eat, Pray, Love (I speak from frustrated experience but do love that movie!)

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Mindfulness doesn't have to be a chore, super long or perfect. When you need a moment to wake back up into the present moment...

get comfy and just hit play!

6 minutes!

Well done if you've read all the way down to hear to learn a little theory behind mindfulness!

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Love your feet

Feeling grounded and connected to the present moment is at the heart of mindfulness. Sam of Aurora Therapies is our expert guest this month, talking simply about reflexology. Sam is also a great friend of mine who I've known for a long time. She introduced (a highly sceptical) me to reiki (which I've had recently via zoom - amazing!), as well as her being my reflexologist. I have learnt SO much from Sam so wanted to share the love!... JUST START! This stuff is fascinating...