Mindful Meditations

Whether you have ONE minute, FIVE minutes or TEN minutes... add one of these to your day. Do it! You won't regret it

NEW... Meditations as little reminders that YOU'VE GOT THIS

You’ve got this...KellyHopkinsonYoga
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Just an everyday pauseKellyHopkinsonYoga
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Your Meditation Library

Arghhh, I have no time...

ONE momentKellyHopkinsonYoga
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OK, I only have 5 mins

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Too muchKellyHopkinsonYoga
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Defend your light with your lifeKellyHopkinsonYoga
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I have 10 whole minutes for me

The beauty of slowing down
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You are your homeKellyHopkinsonYoga
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I am whole meditation
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Rest your heart out (2)KellyHopkinsonYoga
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What do you need right now?

Get REALLY clear about WHY you're bothering to add Mindfulness into your days. Grab your journal and have a few minutes with these questions...

What does mindfulness add to your life?

How long is realistic to practice daily?

When in the day works for you?

What are your barriers for doing it?

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