Breathing sounds so simple and so easy BUT breathing well isn't something we always do. Breathing well can be the difference between taking care and overwhelm, being grounded and feeling out of control. This month as we move in each weeks videos, we will also find our breath so that we can breathe well in our everyday lives.


1. The Yoga Videos

Welcome to Breathe

The Mindfulness Meditations

Three part breathKellyHopkinsonYoga
00:00 / 05:36
Equal BreathKellyHopkinsonYoga
00:00 / 05:38
THREE Alternate nostril breathingKellyHopkinsonYoga
00:00 / 06:20
THREE Lengthen ExhaleKellyHopkinsonYoga
00:00 / 05:20
Thoughts, feelings, emotionsKellyHopkinsonYoga
00:00 / 10:48

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