Wow a new month and a New Year. It can be really easy to apply  a LOT of pressure to the newness of 2021 and set the highest of expectations. Instead, how about we WAKE UP! into our own days and lives so that we can FEEL present and connected. This month is all about WAKING UP rather than feeling on auto pilot and sleep walking through our days. Roll out a mat, give yourself some time and hit play for a few minutes to move and be still. BOTH needed hey!


1. The Yoga Videos

The Mindfulness Meditations

Defend your light with your lifeKellyHopkinsonYoga
00:00 / 06:32
two Whole breathKellyHopkinsonYoga
00:00 / 05:36
three Body ScanKellyHopkinsonYoga
00:00 / 11:17
THREE Lengthen ExhaleKellyHopkinsonYoga
00:00 / 05:20
four Yoga Nidra for ContentmentKellyHopkinsonYoga
00:00 / 20:40

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