This thing called yoga

First things first, yoga isn't just about moving your body into shapes and poses. It is so much more. Asana (the physical moving of the body - the poses) is one part of yoga. One limb out of 8. One life skill to incorporate into daily life

From experience and my own real life, I believe that including asana in your day will help give you space in the body, keep you feeling physically healthy and allow the muscles and joints to unravel, realign, recover and restore from whatever we have put them through that day. Sitting, hunching the shoulders, not really moving the hips... it goes on hey. But, that's real life. We drive places, sit in front of screens then hold a smaller screen. We fall, exhausted and crumpled onto the sofa and we then quite possibly sleep with poor posture too. 

Yoga poses can provide a sense of re-balancing which I know I need daily to live a calmer, more fulfilled and less agitated life. I have been teaching yoga a while now and there are many poses that my hips don't love. A fear of face planting or hurting my neck means that headstands aren't really my thing and there are days where 'my yoga' looks an awful lot like laying around with blankets, an eye pillow and a bolster. Some days I feel super strong and get a real sweat on and on others I stay seated and just move my arms a bit. The one thing that is always consistent though, is that yoga nourishes me. My mood, my energy, my confidence, my sleep, my focus, my heart and most definitely my mind. I'm kinder, more tolerant and less shattered.

All that said, I wouldn't bother including yoga poses and sequences into this course if I didn't think they could honestly help you too and are simple to weave into your world somehow - in some way.

Childs pose 2.JPG

There is no perfect time

SO just press play... I am right with you

10 minute Yoga for space

The Downward Dog Breakdown

And... give yourself time to rest

Restorative yoga poses are the antidote to stress. I didn't need anymore convincing when I believed that!

This pose is my favourite and so simple. Again, don't wait for the perfect time. Feel the effects for yourself - you really won't know unless you just try. Put YOU first and press play...

Instant Bliss: THE Restorative Pose

The Blanket Scrunch