Simple Everyday Self-care


I really want to show you that yoga doesn't need to look great, happen at the perfect time or be a real challenge. Yoga can be done in just a few minutes, without a load of stuff, when you're sweaty (as I prove here), out for a walk with the kids/dog/partner and/or shattered! Yoga is there for you and I want to inspire you and teach you HOW to let go of perfect and JUST START to create positive habits. CLICK PLAY!


May's BONUS video

A 30 minute slow flow... when you're up for something a little more challenging!

Music to move to

Adding a playlist to my times of movement feels like an extra layer of self-care and amazingness. Sometimes quiet is needed but other times you may want a soundtrack to your practice and moving to music is something I LOVE to do (ever since qualifying as an aerobics instructor all those moons ago and becoming obsessed with how music can move you!)

This weeks 60 minute Yoga playlist.

Quite simply... take time to love YOU and move along to this and FEEL present with your body and mind


Wake UP! Playlist 

30 minutes of tunes to wake UP! to... Only 7 songs! YOU acn do it


CHILL! Playlist 

30 minutes of music to completely chill out with. Enjoy, breathe and let go

Fall in love... with YOU

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