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Aston Martin F1

Access to in person Yoga every other week





Prioritise SELF-CARE! The littlest of actions can make all the difference. Book the class, make the appointment, drink the water, eat a few rainbows, breathe well and get good sleep. Sounds simple BUT tiny steps towards these goals area  big deal... you are a big deal!

For in between our classes...

The YOGA Videos
Something for you whatever time & energy you have

The Mindfulness Meditations

Get comfy seated or laying down and give yourself a few moments to breathe and find some focus

The Nidra Nap
00:00 / 20:01
Time for me
00:00 / 07:21


The Live Classes

Use the code: F1 at the checkout

A weekly online class


YOGA:WAKE UP! Tuesdays 6.45-7.15am

30 minutes to energise you for the day ahead