Why Join?

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Signing up and committing to YOURSELF will give you all of this:

Access to up to 3 LIVE! Yoga classes each week

1. TUESDAYS 7.30pm 60 minute Community Yoga for all

2. THURSDAYS 6.45am 30 minute Yoga Wake UP!

3. THURSDAYS 8.15pm 60 minute Chilled R&R

VIP Access to The be:well CLUB Members only space on my Website full of:

A variety of Yoga Session VIDEOS. You get to choose what length and focus you need in your day

A selection of Mindfulness Resources including audio recordings of meditations of varying lengths to suit your life

Yoga Nidra. Ways to get started and an audio recording to fall asleep with or rest alongside

All refreshed and updated EACH MONTH around a new theme


A personalised welcome email from me to YOU after a virtual check-in with each other


VIP CLUB (self) LOVE Notes dropping into your inbox throughout the month to support and lift you... one of my favourite things to do is write letters full of ways to simply take care.

Blah blah blah... how much is it right!??

£42 per month

Some quick maths... as a drop in

If you attend 1 x 60 minute LIVE! class a week = £32 a month

1 x 60 min LIVE! class + 1 x 30 min LIVE! class = £48 a month (save £6)

2 x 60 min LIVE! class + 1 x 30 min LIVE! classes = £80 a month (save £38)

So savings all round by switching to The be:well CLUB

If you're new to all this... Class Passes are available so figure out what would best suit you!

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