The Oil Blend Sets


A simple and uplifting rollerball blend to support YOU and YOUR real life every day

 A reviving everyday blend of peppermint and orange to awaken the senses to the moment and clear a foggy mind.

Here's what you'll receive:

- A 10ml bottle of handmade 'CLEAR' essential oil blend

- A clear quartz crystal for CLARITY

- A personalised daily reminder card (or left blank for your own)

- Together in a cute drawstring pouch (pink or grey) to easily keep with you


Oil blend, a super cute start bag, amethyst crystal, heart affirmation card


(FREE shipping in 2020)

The Digital Download Courses

JUST:START Mindfulness

(4 weeks to habits that stick in EVERYDAY life)

A 4 week course exploring mindfulness combined with simple habit forming techniques. Creating a positive habit can feel impossible but with small steps and being fully supported with the whole process, you can begin to FEEL the very real benefits of practicing this form of meditation to enhance your life.

You will receive:

A downloadable PDF workbook


Each week you will get:

- a video fully explaining the activities and meditations

- one or two Mindfulness Meditation

You have lifetime access to these resources!

JUST:START... I promise you, that's the most important step and I'm with you for all the others.



A 5 day Challenge

Creating a daily yoga practice can seem overwhelming and impossible even though it's something that would lift our life and support overall health and well-being.

Whether you have lost your yoga mojo and want to get it back or this is your first experience of yoga... this course is for YOU. You will get access to:


- 10 minute yoga videos

- daily affirmations

- breath practice audio recordings


- ALL five 10 minute videos together as one whole 50 minute sequence to enjoy as a longer class.

I'm so proud of this and enjoyed every moment of recording it for you by the sea... hear the waves!


...in 7 Days

A beautifully packaged Digital Download to guide you through a

 7 Day Well-being Challenge.

Great if you missed the LIVE facebook challenge OR you did it and need to reconnect again later OR you want to buy this for someone you KNOW needs it.

Each Day includes:

1. A video explaining the daily challenge that offers support and easy to digest information

2. Full written instructions of what to write and do that day

3. Downloadable resources (including videos, audios and PDF's) to fully support you

This is a challenge to BEGIN to reconnect with yourself, your well-being and your life so that daily habits can BEGIN to be formed. Simple, realistic and uplifting.
It is about Just Starting!

The Gift Vouchers