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Yoga is a way of living life not just the poses. Get really clear on why you're bothering to create a daily Yoga habit and keep coming back to that. The 8 limbs of yoga are something worth reading about and clearly shows how movement or asana is just one limb, one part, one element of yoga


The NiYamas of Yoga

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A few minutes to pause and move without the need for a mat!

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Music to move to

Adding a playlist to my times of movement feels like an extra layer of self-care and amazingness. Sometimes quiet is needed but other times you may want a soundtrack to your practice and moving to music is something I LOVE to do (ever since qualifying as an aerobics instructor all those moons ago and becoming obsessed with how music can move you!)

October Tunes for you

Community Yoga 

60 minutes to move and breathe with

Wake UP 

30 minutes of tunes to wake UP to.

Chilled R&R

60 minutes of chilled out tunes to restore with

Want more of my playlists - there's a whole library in

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