High Intensity Interval Training & Low Intensity Interval Training

GREAT... you want to move your body and get some steps in! Think about what your average step count a day is and rather than aiming for something that's SO far away from that...

start SMALL. Tiny in fact. Why? Because we only have a certain amount of willpower - it runs out and we can't just rely on it to create habits.

So, instead aim to add 500 steps today which is about:

5 mins of walking, 4 mins of running, 4 mins of skipping (the hardest exercise I've found!) or 5 mins doing a HIIT or LIIT workout.


We can do this... 


Need extra motivation?

'lift you up'

tunes are the answer!

Exercise life hack

lay your clothes out in the shape of a person the night before!

Remember to:

Take care of your body, your heart & your mind ALWAYS. Anything that doesn't feel good STOP. Keep checking in with yourself and drink plenty of water! 

(at least 2 litres a day and more with exercise)