Yoga Nidra

(yogic sleep, deep relaxation)






Try this... a shorter 10 minute Yoga Nidra for Space.

Rest with



Recorded in the wake of the full moon and in amongst the rain.

Yoga Nidra for contentment



Be as comfortable and cosy as possible reducing  those distractions of feeling cold or unable to  relax each part of the body. Maybe place a pillow underneath the thighs and add an eye cover to reduce further mind noise. Let go of what anything SHOULD feel like and instead just be.

What is Yoga Nidra?

The practice of yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like that 'falling asleep' stage you may notice and can be induced with a guided meditation.

Why bother doing it?

I never used to bother with the slower, calmer practices of yoga as my belief system strongly valued strong, physically challenging (proper!) workouts and yoga sessions. It wasn't until I found myself struggling with feelings of anxiety and overwhelm following a break up that I was guided towards the benefits of restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. These practices were able to calm my nervous system that had become stuck in this constant state of high alert, this fight or flight mode of being that I couldn't escape from. When the noise and sheer enormity of everyday life shifts you into survival mode yoga Nidra provides rest and a safe space to move away from doing and into a state of being. Creating a yoga Nidra daily habit can transform your sleep, support your overall well-being and provide space each day for complete self-care.

Over our weeks together I will be sharing more about Yoga Nidra, the benefits and the various forms to find something that suits you and that you can connect with. Let's keep things simple for now. Connecting to the practice and feeling the benefits can then begin to form a daily habit which is the way in which you will truly support yourself.

"True change lies in the tiny things we do everyday."

Yoga Nidra for space
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Presence of your heart Yoga NidraKellyHopkinsonYoga
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A 20 minute Yoga Nidra for you. Yoga Nidra allows the nervous system to settle and feel soothed. Being in a state between awake and asleep (you may fall fast asleep - this is OK!). You can do this practice at any time. I like to fit one in whilst in a yummy restorative pose before the school run. This is when my energy dips and I can feel rushed and moody collecting the kids!

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