A 9 minute Wake UP! Meditation to begin to bring awareness to the breath and body

Waking UpKellyHopkinsonYoga
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A 3 minute pause meditation for those moments you become aware that you want and need to PAUSE.

3 minute pauseKellyHopkinsonYoga
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Mindful Eating

A super short meditation to JUST:START to explore eating more mindfully, with your full attention once a day 

Top Tips:

1. Listen to these on a mobile device and 'SAVE to homescreen' to create make the habit easier to form because you are creating an AWARENESS in your mind about doing a meditation every day.

2. Remember to write a habit note reminder:

I will MEDITATE at/in the (When?) in (location), Write it, display it, tell someone about it!

JUST_START Mindful eatingKellyHopkinsonYoga
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