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Body Scan

A Body Scan Meditation to do in any position to bring awareness intentionally to different parts of the body. 

JUST_START Body ScanKelly Hopkinson Yoga
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Body Scan - Family edition

7 minutes to use together whenever you need some calm... not just before bed but at any moment in the day. Talk together about relaxing the body get super comfy. Release any expectations and just try it!

be_well KIDS Project Body ScanKellyHopkinsonYoga
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Top Tips:

1. Listen to these on a mobile device and 'SAVE to homescreen' to create make the habit easier to form because you are creating an AWARENESS in your mind about doing a meditation every day.

2. Remember to write a habit note reminder:

I will MEDITATE at/in the (When?) in (location), Write it, display it, tell someone about it!

3. Can you make your meditation time as attractive as possible to make it seem appealing and something you really want to do?