The be:well KIDS Project

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Teacher? Parent? Work with Kids?

This series of 3 short videos to do TOGETHER will support well-being as well as a sense of


Press play as I guide you through:

- An affirmation

- A breathing practice

- Yoga poses that build into a sequence

- A relaxation

Created using my experience as a


A few minutes of calm for children to gain some school day focus

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If mindfulness and meditation are new to your child, start a conversation about it and share your own feelings. An example would be, "When I get frustrated that I can't do something my breathing gets a bit quick and my chest feels a little tight. Or, "Even when I'm really tired, I think of 5 things I'm really grateful for before I go to sleep and I count them on my fingers." Listening is a central part of mindfulness and a skill that we could all do with practicing.

2 Simple breathing practices

(to get you started!)


Dandelion Breathing

  • Sit in your mindful posture which is cross-legged having a little rock side to side to find your sitting bones.

 (remember this can be on a chair too)

  • Imagine holding a dandelion flower in your fingers

  • Breathe in through your nose looking at the dandelion

  • Breathe out through the mouth making a small circle shape while you imagine blowing the ‘fairies’ into the distance. (you could blow worry away into the sky)



  • Sit in your mindful posture - cross legged, rock a little to find your sitting bones to feel grounded

 (remember this can be on a chair too)

  • Rest the backs of your hands onto your knees

  • Bring your fingertips and thumb together

  • Breathe in opening the fingers like the petals of a


  • Breathe out closing the fingertips so they touch

Try this short mindfulness practice together. A few things:

- Decide if you're sitting or laying down

- Be comfortable

- Make sure it's not too bright

- Be realistic! Don't worry if things don't quite go to plan or if it's not quite the right time (they may just not be up for it!). Try again another time!

- Remember that mindfulness is a practice. Give it time, commitment and consistency

- ENJOY it. This is something to do together to connect.

- Talk about the meditation after you've finished. It's SO important to communicate

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Check out some extra tips from this pair...

A resource I'd LOVE to share

Spread the Happiness

Being a 'Happiness ambassador' was easily one of my favourite roles in school... Shonette shares such great resources. Here's one. What will you choose to do first? Look through together, choose then tick off when you do it!



Non-cook Playdoh

AND here's my non-cook playdough recipe

(do it together - it's fun and not that messy - woop woop!!)

2 tablespoons SALT

8 tablespoons PLAIN FLOUR


2 tablespoons VEG OIL

1. MIX Flour & Salt in a bowl

2. MIX Water + Oil + Food Colouring/Essential oils

3. ADD all mixture and mix with a wooden spoon.

4. ADD the extras (glitter - even though argh glitter!!)

5. PUT in a (eco) food bag, squeeze air out to keep fresh

(A little note: add a little more flour at a time until playdoh like!)


I would love you to share your photos and experiences of #thebewellproject with me on social media OR by messaging me. 

PS Here's a video for you to do together

along to (the beautiful story) of Paper dolls by Julia Donaldson