Mindfulness every day...Really?

YES REALLY... JUST START with me so you can learn how to begin to create, embed and live everyday mindfulness habits that lift and support your overall health, happiness and well-being

In just 4 weeks


I'm busy so why bother?

I get you're busy! The juggle is very real hey and we can find ourselves on auto pilot getting through the day as we navigate our way from one thing to another at breakneck speed. In fact, we're not even moving from one thing to another because we're often multi-tasking and, just like a load of tabs open on a computer, we're attempting to attend to so many things at once. We find ourselves making dinner whilst answering emails and listening to our kids read. We are watching a TV programme with our laptops open, a phone in hand and eating snacks. We are working or spending time with those we love, whilst worrying, analysing, planning and rehearsing events, concerns and conversations from the past or possible ones from the future... that haven't even happened yet!

I know all this to be true because I've been there. I have felt so disconnected from my life and those people in it that being in a state of stress, of flight or fight, was the norm. Feeling anxious and operating at a high and constant level of speed was my everyday. This speed and stress wasn't just in the body but in my mind too. Missing moments of joy, becoming frustrated in an instant and feeling the polar opposite of grounded had seeped its way into every corner of my life. It was overwhelming and exhausting and not what I wanted. It certainly wasn't what my girls wanted.

Life doesn't have to be this way. You can CREATE CHANGE and feel connected to your life, feeling positive and focused. You can make great choices that are in line with your values and beliefs. You can use mindfulness to connect back to yourself and all that you are, whilst working towards your hopes, dreams and goals. You just need to START.


Becoming a yoga teacher really did turn my life around and learning and applying mindfulness to every day began to really support my mental and physical health and (quite honestly) has lead me to this point right here... knowing that this SIMPLE, realistic course will positively effect your everyday life. WHY? Because not only will I be sharing mindfulness techniques, knowledge and its practical application, but I will ALSO be showing you how to apply all I have researched and learned about habit forming. You don't need to read all the books, listen to all the podcasts or attend all the training... I've got you!

A tiny bit about what Mindfulness is (and isn't!)

Living mindfully is life-changing. If you choose to add mindfulness meditations to your day along with becoming aware and changing ingrained habits of the mind, you will be on your way to living YOUR life to the fullest. Mindfulness is simple (not easy to master, but it is simple): you pay close attention to an experience in the present moment, while allowing yourself to be open-hearted with a sense of spaciousness. It has the power to change your sense of who your are in relation to your own life and other people. Mindfulness allows you to live more in the moment and less in the past or future.

It is NOT

Complicated. The goal isn't to empty the mind or to stop thoughts. It is not a relaxation technique ALTHOUGH feeling relaxed is a welcome bonus. It is not an escape from your reality or your personality.

What does the course look like?

- 4 x weekly Sunday 8.15pm LIVE! zoom sessions to set the week ahead up

(a recording of these 30 minute sessions will also be emailed to either re-watch or catch up if you can't make it live)

- Not only will I be with you for the month, but everything will then be yours to keep - all packaged up as a beautiful digital course

Plus Weekly:

- Mindfulness audios

- A simple PDF outline of exactly what to write, do and practice each day

- Inspirational resources that teach and empower you to be able to apply mindfulness to everyday life with ease.

- Little mindful (self) love notes from me to keep you going


We're LIVE via zoom on Sunday 31st May @8.15pm

ready to start on

Monday 1st June

Limited places so book now.

£20 - only available for the first 10 people.

PS If you're not a LIVE VIA ZOOM kinda person, the whole course can be done at your own pace and in your own time with me as a guide and support throughout the month and beyond.

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